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The Silence the Night team has professional experience in night vision, thermal, and related gear and accessories. We understand that the gear you buy from us is a big investment and are hear to help you get the right set-up for your exact needs. We have taken on much larger projects and tasks than what you see on the sight. If you have specific needs for gear, outfitting a vehicle or UTV, thermal drone, etc… We can help!

Mikeith Green - Silence the Night

Mikeith Green

Like a lot of people in West Texas, hunting was an everyday part of life for Mikeith growing up. However, he didn’t get into Night Vision until 2012 when a friend took him on a hog hunt with a spare PVS-14. From that point on he was hooked and knew it was something he wanted to learn more about. Not too long after, Seraph Arms was born. It was a company specializing in custom gun work, night vision products, and silencer sales. In 2016 He joined the team at Dead Air Silencers full time and in doing so, he had to make a decision with where to take Seraph Arms. Having already gained a great amount of experience in Night Optics he partnered with a friend, the original founder of Silence the Night, which at the time was a skunkworks project to help bring more hunters to the predator hunting scene. From there they decided to grow STN into a something much more.

“For me Silence the Night is something that aims not just to sell, but educate customers into make the right purchase to fit their individual needs. There is not “best thermal scope”, or “best night vision device” in my eyes. To lay out such a blanket statement to a customer in order to make a quick sale is setting them up for failure. When I got into this I had to go through a lot of trial and error to find what did and didn’t work for multiple different applications. I want to be for others what I would have appreciated in someone throughout my buying and learning process. I would see so much bad information posted by “SME’s” out there every day that it drove me nuts…. So I spent my time around those MUCH smarter in myself in the world of Night Vision and thermal. Everything from well know NV instructors, proven successful thermal hunters, and all the way up to the guys(and gals) that actually make the stuff behind the scenes. I still know I have a lot to learn but have a thirst for learning more and passing on that knowledge to those looking for guidance. We also specialize in product development, prototyping and engineering the things that will hopefully help people work around in the dark much better than repurposing equipment that wasn’t designed around that type of shooting and hunting… Silence the Night is just getting started! There are great things to come!”

Silence The Night - Night Vision - Thermals - Texas Hog Hunting
Danny Merritt - Silence The Night

Danny Merritt

Danny grew up with strong roots in hunting and firearms. He gained exposure to night vision in 2013, while hog hunting with friends. He quickly saw the advantages of night vision and how it extended hunts – they used to end as the sun sets, while now they have just begun.

Danny gained experience with countless hours of night driving, hunting, and navigation, while hunting under darkness. As well as gaining exposure to various types of night vision and thermals, he is always striving to learn current and new technology.

Danny is often asked: night vision versus thermal? “Each play a role in night hunts. NVGs are great for navigation and stalking, while Thermals are great spotting tools for identification of targets. Night vision paired with thermal is the ultimate night hunt experience. Both are tools of the night and create an advantage to help hunters keep a balance in predator and hog control.”

Silence The Night - Night Vision - Thermals - Texas Hog Hunting
Jake Wood - Silence The Night - Texas Hog Hunting - Thermals - Night Vision

Jake Wood

Jake has been working at Noveske Rifleworks for 4 years now. He first got exposed to night vision and thermal at Noveske in 2015, and he has been learning about and using it ever since. Jake always been passionate about top of the line gear of all kinds.

Jake has several hundred hours shooting and hiking while under NODs of varying quality. Having time with a wide variety of night vision makes his perspective a little unique as he can talk in length about what is good and bad in night vision as well as what works the best with your particular needs or requirements.

Silence The Night - Night Vision - Thermals - Texas Hog Hunting
Chris White - Silence The Night - Texas Hog Hunting - Thermals - Night Vision

Chris White

Chris never grew up with any firearms in the home. Instead of acting like a fool on his 21st birthday, he spent it in a conceal carry class after purchasing his first pistol. He soon changed his major to criminal justice and criminology, he did some pretty cool things in Israel related to his major, and he graduated with honors.

Chris started his career in Texas, getting into local law enforcement as a foot in the door to secret squirrel sh*t. It’s too dang flat around here to keep him sane, so he hunts and shoots at every opportunity he gets. Chris got into the night vision / thermal game after getting fed up with low lit nights and having to chase full moons.

Silence The Night - Night Vision - Thermals - Texas Hog Hunting


Wade will never forget the first time he went predator hunting. He was very young; his dad was running a old wooden mouth call in the tune of rabbit distress. He sat with his brother, and they chuckled at the sound as young kids will do. As he turned on that old metal-cased spotlight and lit up the eyes of a bobcat slinking into the sound source, he’ll never forget the amount of excitement that accompanied. Ultimately, the young boys screamed at dad to shoot and scared off the bobcat. It still made a impression on him more so than his avid whitetail hunting brother and dad.

What is it about outsmarting a predator on its turf that excites Wade so much? He predator hunted a lot during high school with little understanding until he met a gentleman who was very serious about the sport and begun to learn. Occasionally, he would have success. It wouldn’t be until much later that predator hunting would ultimately save his life.

“I had grown more and more interested in predator hunting the more I did it. Eager to reach out to others whom may have been doing it longer than myself, I took to the world wide web. After joining a few forums I had seen a common trend. No one liked to help anyone. It was like a sickness. Bad info and hard feelings. About that time Facebook had started allowing its members to create groups. A place where folks with similar interest to go to share these interests. I told my current girlfriend that I should start a group for new predator hunters. SO, JUST LIKE THAT Texas predator HUNTING was born. I would have 2 main rules: have manners and help folks. These were things that I was taught growing up, and I wanted to make sure others would posses these same types of manners. As I learned myself thru hours of research into my prey and hours and miles on the field, I would relay these exploits to my members. All the while growing the group full of others like myself. We would become one of the greatest groups on Facebook, I believe. I’ve since made predator hunting and helping others a life goal and passion. TPH has grown to a large number of members. I have traveled around giving free seminars and helping folks out in time of need thru our tight knit community. The sky is not the limit when you have goals to work towards. Thru it all mine has been simple: love what you do. I love to predator hunt. Day or night, cold or hot there’s nothing like fooling a big old bobcat into coming to your call and ethically dispatching it. Ive hunted all over and plans are to hunt the entire US and possibly more. I’ve shared stands with legends and novice hunters alike. Enjoying each and every one.”