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Wilcox Binocular/Dual Bridge for SkeetIR/IR Patrol/PVS-14


Wilcox Modular Dovetail Base
2 – Wilcox Modular Folding Arms
Dimensions: 4.5″ L x 2.1″W x 1.3″ H
Weight: 0.380 lb (6.08 oz)
Device Technology: Dovetail Interface
Warranty: Lifetime

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Binocular Bridge for BAE SkeetIRx
The Bino-Bridge for the BAE SkeetIRx and PVS-14 provides the operator the ability to use these devices as either a monocular or binocular. The SkeetIRx Bridge fits into our standard G24 NVG mount and provides a solid mounting platform and several adjustment points for a precise fit. The SkeetIRx Bridge also allows the operator to flip up the thermal/NVG flat against the helmet when not being used and can be switched between the different mounting options without the need of special tools or having to take the mount off the helmet


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