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UNV 20-IR Long Range LED Infrared Illuminator


The UNV 20IR is the strongest LED infrared illuminator on the market. The 20IR features an 850nm beam of intense infrared light through a focusable aspheric head and a dimmable 1050mw power level. The 20IR’s 850nm light source is designed for Gen 2, Gen 3 and CMOS/CCD digital night vision devices to supply more light for a longer useable night vision device range and better image clarity.
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UNV 20-IR Long Range Infrared 1050mw LED Illuminator

The UNV 20IR is a long-range handheld or weapon mountable smart illuminator that provides an intense focusable infrared light with an adjustable power level. The ability to focus and dim the 20IR allows the operator the ability to supply an appropriate amount of light for any situation and reduce IR feedback.

Ther UNV 20-IR is compatible with Generation 2, Generation 3, and Digital night vision devices.

Easy Operation
The 20-IR is simple and easy to opperate. With one click of the tailcap switch the LED is activated. The 20IR has a low, medium and high brightness mode which are toggled through by pressing the tailcap switch half way(not so far that you hear a click). Once you get the 20-IR dialed in like you want, the driver maintains your brightness setting in the driver memory.

NOTE: A slow strobe indicates low battery.

The UNV 20IR has the ability to reach complete focus. When complete focus is achieved, the UNV 20IR will emit patterns including lines and dark spots. Complete focus is not the optimal focus setting for illuminating a target or shooting, but is beneficial to confirm the LED and aspheric lens are emitting the most efficient and highest amount of light.

The 20IR is powered by 1 – 18650 battery which is inserted in the battery compartment positive end first. A slow strobe indicates a low battery. DO NOT USE 2 – CR123A BATTERIES

The 20IR Includes:

  • 20-IR Illuminator
  • NL1835R NiteCore 18650 Battery
  • Battery Charging Mini USB Cable
  • Offset Picatinny Mount

Warranty: 2 Years


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