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N-Vision LRS Nikon Universal Photo Package


Key Features:

Full frame clarity from edge to edge
Compatible with a variety of photo and video cameras
Green and white phosphor models available

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N-Vision Optics LRS is a state of the art Generation 3 advanced night vision system designed for night time observations, photography, and video recording.
Compatible with interchangeable lens Nikon and Canon SLR cameras and customizable to a wide range of video cameras,
the LRS offers full frame imagery and high resolution with minimal light roll-off or distortion.

N-Vision Optics LRS is designed and built to ensure superb photographic image quality straight from the box.
All necessary adjustments to the LRS and matching LRS Photo and Video Adapters are done in the laboratory prior to shipment in order to ensure image quality and ease of use.

LRS Canon Universal Photo Package Includes: LRS night vision monocular with eye piece and 50mm F1.4 C-mount objective lens, factory matched photo adapter (Canon), Canon EOS to C-mount adapter, hard shipping/storage case, user manual, battery, lens cleaning paper

Image Intensifier

Generation 3 Alpha Auto-Gated Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Auto-Gated White P-45 Phosphor Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Bravo Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Hand Selected Alpha Auto-Gated Image Intensifier


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