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N-Vision GT-14 Night Vision Monocular


  • Submersible and shockproof
  • Automatic brightness control (ABC)
  • Invisible to the human eye IR
  • Hand-held, helmet-mountable, weapon-mountable
  • In ocular IR-on and low battery indicators
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T-14 Night Vision Monocular

The GT-14 is a high-performance night vision monocular with advanced ergonomics and intelligent power control developed as an alternative to the standard PVS-14. Submersible and lightweight, GT-14 is equipped with the most advanced, U.S. made Generation 3 image intensifier tubes.

N-Vision Optics’ GT-14 can be used hand-held, head or helmet mounted, weapon mounted, or even dual mounted for use in a binocular configuration. All GT-14 units are equipped with automatic brightness control (ABC) and in-ocular IR and Low Battery indicators.

N-Vision Optics GT-14-14 is available with different grades of Image Intensifier Tubes.

Each units ships with: GT-14 adapter (j-arm), sacrificial window, eyecup, lens cap, neckcord, soft carry case, lens cleaning paper, battery, user manual.

10 year Warranty: N-Vision Optics is proud to offer a 10 year warranty on our GT-14s to our domestic customers!

Image Intensifier

Generation 3 Alpha Auto-Gated Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Bravo Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Bravo L-3 White P-45 Phosphor Unfilmed Auto-Gated Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Hand Selected Alpha Auto-Gated Image Intensifier, Generation 3 Unfilmed Auto-Gated White P-45 Phosphor Image Intensifier


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