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Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack PL79167


  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Designed to power Pulsar Forward Front Attachments and Quantum thermal monoculars
  • Increases operational time of external equipment
  • Compact and lightweight
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The rechargeable Double DNV Battery Pack is designed to power a Pulsar Forward DFA75 digital front attachment, Forward DN55 digital monocular, Quantum and Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular. This weapons-mountable accessory increases operational time of your thermal and night vision optics, so you’ll never be in the dark without power. Constructed with a lightweight water-resistant body, the Double DNV Battery Pack offers simplicity and reliability even for your most unpredictable nights.

Battery Type

Voltage (V)

Voltage (V)
3.6 (at end of discharge)

Voltage (V)
5.8 (charging)

Full Battery Charge Time
6 Hours

Body Material
ABS Plastic

Degree of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529)

Operating temperature, F/C
-13 to 122 / -25 to 50 F/C

2.8 / 70 in / mm

Width (in/mm)
1.5 / 37 in / mm

Height (in/mm)
1.5 / 37 in / mm


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